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We at Gyan Sarthi take pride in helping engineering students prepare for their bright careers. We try to connect several employers with the right applicants those are having excellent engineering skills. We mainly focus on offering employment opportunities to those individuals who have completed their degrees and looking for an aspiring career. Our prime objective is to help every student meet their career plan by providing them with a great platform where they can find their dream job. We strive to provide students with effective tools to help them for long-term career management and establish relationships with employers.

Our career assistance services are designed to help engineering students in different fields. For students looking for career assistance services, we are here to help you with your career needs. We will help you to find job opportunities that are highly suitable for your field. Our employment assistance, along with career preparation, consists of different work-integrated learning programs. 


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With our professional assistance, you can efficiently prepare for interviews and find new opportunities related to your field. Our career services professionals are always ready to work with you on career topics and job searches. All our resources are obtained through a professional webinar series consisting of helpful tips, tools, and techniques to help you manage job searches and career topics.

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If you want to opt for our program, connect with our career advisor today to learn how to get started. Our career advisors having expertise in Engineering Career Development, will work with you and make sure you can avail every opportunity for participation.

We also offer industrial training in the wire and cable industry and plastic industries

If you want to establish a career in the wire and cable industry, join our industrial training. We will help you to gain a complete understanding of the basics. You can learn about wire harness print readings and interpretation, coaxial terminations, wire preparations, harness securing, solder terminations, IDC terminations, and many others through our extensive training program. With our industry-standard training, students will learn about practical elements of wire harness assembly. Our comprehensive training program will help students with practical hands-on experience in wire and cable industry.

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Creating Good Human Beings In Peoples

We the experts of Gyansarthi organization, help you to become a good human being. We not only help to enhance your mental skills but also helps you become good human being.

Creating Good Leadership In Human Beings

Are you looking to become a good leader? If you are looking to enhance the leadership qualities in you, then we can help you in this.

Training Program In Engineering College For Awareness For Plastic Extrusion Technologies

The team of Gyansarthi provides different training programs that are helpful for those students who are doing their engineering degrees. We provide various types of training processes, including placement sessions.

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