The Gyansarthi organization provides a proper guidance to the students who just completed their engineering degree. We are ready to educate the engineers and make them ready for the industry. The course duration is for two months. Other than this, we provide different services such as placement service, enhance leadership qualities, and all. The best thing is all the services are available free of cost.

Educate Engineers To Be Ready For The Industries

Why should you join us?

  1. Updated-technology:

The development of digital technologies also changed the way of teaching methods. Nowadays, technology plays a great role in the learning process. We, the Gyansarthi organization has all the updates technologies that help us to educate our children. With these technologies, you can receive high quality and excellent education. 

  1. Experienced faculty:

Without an experienced faculty, you can’t gain the experience which you need for your practical knowledge. That’s why we have a huge faculty for the overall development of students. We have experienced faculties who are working in this field for the last eight years. We have the professionals who already completed their degrees from the leading universities. We will provide you proper training and placement. You can comfortably interact with our experts and solve all your doubts during classes.

  1. The collaboration of industry & organizations:

Our organization builds a strong relationship and partnership by collaborating with the leading industries. We include some joint research projects and curriculum development. We offer the education or the knowledge which you need during the industrial working. We support you and guide you on how to deal with the industrial responsibilities and all.

  1. Innovation & entrepreneurship:

Engineering students should be innovative. You should be capable of contributing your ideas and suggestions into a project. We, the team of Gyansarthi organization, focus on encouraging our students. We will help you to develop the entrepreneur qualities and enhance your innovative ideas so that you can be capable of fitting with the industrial needs.

  1. Placements:

We not only help you to enhance your overall growth, but we also help you to get the right job. Here we provide you the placement facilities which help you to find the right job. We are associated with the core companies to provide you the 100℅ placement guarantee. We also organize different programs that enhance your skills to meet industry expectations.

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