The team of Gyansarthi provides different training programs that are helpful for those students who are doing their engineering degrees. We provide various types of training processes, including placement sessions. We help the students with overall growth. We have the expert faculties who are working in such fields for the last twenty years. 

We help you to enhance the skill, which makes you a good human being. We contribute to the leading industries that hire students from our organization. There are many students who already join our organization for overall growth. All the program or services provided by our organization is free of cost. 

Apart from this, we also provide a training program in engineering college for awareness for plastic extrusion technologies. We visit different engineering colleges to provide these programs in free of cost. We want to aware of the students about plastic extrusion technology. Our expert engineers provide you the knowledge related to the extrusion process and all. Our expert professionals cover all the topics related to this in a single workshop. They also provide you the practical knowledge with theoretical knowledge. We will also arrange several visits to different plastic extrusion technology to help the students for their better understanding. 

Things which are included in this training program

1. Basic information: 

We start with basic knowledge. Our instructors will first teach you the basic educational and career information related to plastic extrusion. They will teach you how a plastic material is extracting. They have enough knowledge in this field, and that’s why most of the leading engineering colleges contact us to provide training to their students.

2. Various equipment: 

An engineering student must know how to operate the equipment such as extrusion machines and all. In this training program, our experts will teach you how to operate the different machines that help meltdown a plastic. This helps you in the future when you are working in an industrial company. The companies mostly hire students who are comfortable working with different machines. In this way, our experts will help you get a job easily after your degree.

3. Other skills: 

Other than this, we will also focus on your personal skills. We encourage students to join such programs for better knowledge. We will help you to enhance your personal and mental skills. We build your self-confidence and better communication skills by organizing such functions. We help you enhance your skills and make you responsible so that you can match the industry’s requirements.

By doing such programs, you can develop your skills and increase your knowledge. We will support each and every student to make their future bright. Other than this, we also provide different types of training programs, which you can see by visiting our website. All the programs provided by us are free of cost. 

If you need such programs in your college to be aware of the engineering students, you can call us or mail us. With us, you can help your students to get better placements in the future. 

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